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About Us

Before we start helping you and prove that you can rely on our services, we want to take a moment and tell you a bit about our company.

Who are we?

FlairDev is a young and rapidly growing JavaScript development team established in 2019. Operating in Ukraine, we provide outstaffing for tech, software development, and 
IT companies to help them thrive and succeed.

Having successfully worked with leading experts from Europe and Northern America, our portfolio of success is growing 
by the day, and that is by living up to our values.
Path from 2019 to now

Why us?

Because we are a start-up. And we understand other start-ups’ struggle in achieving their goals and overcoming challenges. We want to help them avoid obstacles we faced and make their lives easier, and that is by sharing our own expertise 
and turning them into their success.

In other words, because we plan, we create, we deliver, 
and WE CARE.
attractive man

Pavel Babenko

“Nothing makes my day like progress, satisfied clients, and a cup of coffee.”

Pasha is our dynamic team player, and a really friendly face after he drinks his cup of coffee.
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Konstantin Gavrish

“I don’t think that there is anything more enjoyable than creative work... and pizza.”

Our Kostya is known as “FlairDev’s Problem Wizard”. No problem was too hard for him to solve.


Native apps, hybrid apps, web apps... you name it. With the efforts of our experienced team, we can develop pretty much any app out there.
Back-End Development
Have you ever heard the saying “beauty is nothing without brains”?Back-end development is like giving a software’s brain access to its true potentials. And luckily for us, we are equipped with the best back-end developers.
Web Development
We could write articles about the importance of quality web development. A poorly developed web leaves users with a bad experience, and that could decide a brand’s fate or destroy its sales.
UI/UX Prototyping
With UX/UI gurus on our team, we develop potential foundations from which it is possible to continue developing the system. To put it another way, we implement ideas into tangible forms to analyze and explore options and potentials.
In order to improve the user’s experience and ensure full and proper data reach, our engineers orderly implement integration strategies and handle all challenging integration obstacles. In other words, we connect it all.
And more is yet to come...
React Native

How do we work?

Every success no matter how big, started with a small IDEA.
Aims and expectations differ from client to client, specifications and plans differ too. We lay
out our initial PLAN of action to successfully execute the project.
We help clients ESTIMATE the cost of the project, taking all steps in consideration.
Solutions are defined by the process of software DESIGN. The team creates a specification for the
project’s software artifact, turning the plan into a structure and a base for the product.
Our brightest minds work as a team to DEVELOP the software we planned, turning plans into actions, and words into codes.
This is like quality control. We TEST our codes from A to Z to make sure that all went well, and that the product is ready to launch.
After putting the final touches, LAUNCH is like pressing the share button. With it, we share another piece of our organized work for the world to use.
After delivery, we modify, update, and MAINTAIN the product, and that is to improve its performance and perfect our deluxe services.

Our Values

Integrity means doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do. And we believe that honesty is the beginning of success. It helps us understand our level at what we are doing and improve.
It was Aristotle who said” Quality is not an act. It is a habit.”

We believe that having high-quality services is the best business plan for anyone. And that is why we are very strict when it comes to quality.
Creativity gives a project its soul and purpose, like a brush gives a painting its colors. A creative act can solve almost any problem and thus we always appreciate creativity, as it unlocks more meaningful results.
For us, professionalism is about being reliable, organized, respectful, committed, and accountable. Because what worth is any working environment without these traits.
Intelligence is the capacity of progress and development. This powerful tool makes us overcome any obstacle we face and helps us learn from the times we failed.
Because all other values are not feasible if they are not steered in the right way and managed effectively.

Some of our best work

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Clients Testimonials
Anna-Lena Gerber
Anna-Lena Gerber
CEO & Founder at Mello

The team behind FlairDev is supporting us for around 2 years now and we couldn't be more satisfied: They are very professional in their communication, very competent, smart, and hard-working with their working style and creative and solution-oriented when collaborating with our design team.

I'm so happy that our paths have crossed with FlairDev and I'm looking forward for more years of collaboration together to build the best social network for families worldwide.

Marco Blumendorf
Marco Blumendorf
CTO and Serial Entrepreneur

I had the pleasure to work with FlairDev and its developers over the course of a couple of years on different projects. We worked on Mobile- and WebApps in Typescript with ReactJS, React-Native, Firebase, NodeJS, MongoDB and PostgreSQL. Each developer I worked with has been very skilled in their tech stack and paid attention to detail, testing and overall quality.

One thing I really like about working with the FlairDev developers is that they think things through, come back with questions and potential challenges where needed and are always eager to build working production systems. I am very happy to continue this ongoing collaboration over many more projects.

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