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What is Mello?

Mello is a mobile app designed to help parents connect and create strong communities, that is through helping parents find: new connections, suitable babysitting  exchanges, and other like-minded parents. With its beautiful animations, the app has many features that enable parents to get the best results, these features include countless search filters that result in enhancing the users’ experience and finding the right compatible parents.

There are also many technical features in the app, some of which are: multiple languages support, chat, usage analytics, push & email notifications, and an in-app payment and transaction system.

Client's Location
FlairDev's Contribution

1 Frontend developer
2 Backend developers

March 2020
Anna-Lena Gerber
CEO & Founder at Mello

The team behind FlairDev is supporting us for around 2 years now and we couldn't be more satisfied: They are very professional in their communication, very competent, smart, and hard-working with their working style and creative and solution-oriented when collaborating with our design team.

I'm so happy that our paths have crossed with FlairDev and I'm looking forward for more years of collaboration together to build the best social network for families worldwide.


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React Native
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