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What is QiTIME?

QiTIME is an online program designed to help people strengthen body, mind, and health all at once. The program is based on traditional Asian health exercises and elements of martial arts. They are taught in a unique combination of online and on-site courses and can be easily integrated into everyday life. And as everything in our modern world, an app had to be created, and we are proud to be the ones to have done that.

With its cool animations, the app has many features implemented including journals, paths, in-app payments, in-app subscription, in-app points, and the ability to use the app and watch its videos without having to connect to the internet. Oh, and do not worry! We made the app convenient to use by everyone, and its videos will barely take any space from your phone storage.

QiTIME was a fun app to create, and we had to create it from scratch. But, that meant that everyone has a long way to go, and more fun features are being added constantly. More importantly, app owners are satisfied with every added feature, and with the work overall.

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FlairDev's Contribution

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July 2019
Marco Blumendorf
CTO and Serial Entrepreneur

I had the pleasure to work with FlairDev and its developers over the course of a couple of years on different projects. We worked on Mobile- and WebApps in Typescript with ReactJS, React-Native, Firebase, NodeJS, MongoDB and PostgreSQL. Each developer I worked with has been very skilled in their tech stack and paid attention to detail, testing and overall quality.

One thing I really like about working with the FlairDev developers is that they think things through, come back with questions and potential challenges where needed and are always eager to build working production systems. I am very happy to continue this ongoing collaboration over many more projects.


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